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Meet Your New Butler and/or Future Master 11th Sep 2005

Meet Your New Butler and/or Future Master

If you’ve always wanted your own in-home manservant but just can’t stand being around other people all the time, Fujitsu’s got you covered. Meet Enon the robot butler.

Standing 4 feet, 3 inches tall, Enon is a self-propelled serving machine built to make life easier for us humans as we wait for our robot overlords to gather their forces. Capable of self-charging its nickel metal-hydride battery though safe, non-contact induction, Enon can run pretty much 24 hours a day, patrolling your home for intruders moving small objects around your living room. Enon is no C3PO, but it’s perfectly capable of escorting your guests from the front door to the swimming pool, so long as it doesn’t have to taverse any stairs along the way.

While the robot’s basic functions are limited to only the simplest of tasks, it looks like a great second step (building on the groundwork laid by Sony’s robot dog, Aibo) on the road to household robotics. With integrated Wi-Fi, Enon can fetch information from the internet for you and keep its own system software updated automatically. And like Aibo, it responds to voice commands and displays “emotions” via LEDs on its face.

I don’t feel especially compelled to run out and plunk down $50,000 on one of these bad boys right now, and that’s fine. Fujitsu is only selling them on a limited basis in Japan at the moment anyway, and it will undoubtedly be a year or two before we see them in the U.S. But I’d happily pay the price of admission to see Enon face off against Sony’s Asimo in the BattleBots arena.

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