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2X Telephoto Camera-Phone Lens Is Ready for Its Closeup 27th Jul 2011

2X Telephoto Camera-Phone Lens Is Ready for Its Closeup

Photojojo’s new add-on cellphone camera lens will double, yes double the focal length of the lens you have on there already. Like the wide-angle and macro lenses it joins in the lineup, the 2X telephoto snaps onto a tiny magnetic donut that sticks to your phone, surrounding the camera like the attractive washer it is.

Not only will the lens pull things closer, it also adds an almost ridiculous amount of vignetting around the edges of your photographs, making them look like they were shot through some kind of Lomo-branded toilet paper tube. This is, if you were still wondering, a good thing.

The 2X telephoto will cost your $20 if you buy it alone, or $50 in a set with its wide-angle and macro brothers. And if you have a shiny glass-backed iPhone 4, you’ll need a case. Photojojo tells us that the little sticky donuts don’t stick so well to its sleek, slippery surface. Available now.

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