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Keepsy Prints Instagram Calendars, Just in time For Christmas 30th Oct 2011

Keepsy Prints Instagram Calendars, Just in time For Christmas

Keepsy is yet another service that lets you print books and albums containing your Instagram photos, and it has just added a calendar-printing service, just in time to force all your photos of your breakfasts and pets on unwilling family members this Christmas.

However, there’s a twist. Keepsy will let you use your friends’ Instagram photographs in the calendars. Thus, you can surprise them with a calendar containing their photos as well as yours.

The service works like any other. You grant Keepsy access to your Instagram account, and then pick the pictures, choose a layout and generally while away many hours having fun. A message can be added on the back cover, and you can pick the region the recipient is in so that the holidays and dates are correct.

But what about stalkers? The folks at Keepsy have thought of that. You can only access the photos taken by people who are following you. The thinking goes that if they follow you, they’re likely enough a friend. Blake from Keepsy puts it best:

This limits the scope of givers and receivers to close friends and relatives — which is perfect for the gift scenario — but doesn’t allow, say, Justin Bieber or Snoop Dogg fans to go create celebrity fan books, or for errant creeps on the service to just highjack your photos without permission

Quite. Keepsy sent me a calendar and it’s pretty cool. The paper is more like heavy card, the calendar part is clean and non tacky-looking, and the photos are — of course — amazing. It has holes top center of each page for hanging, and is spiral bound like all calendars, ever.

A calendar will cost you $20 for 12 months, and $26 for 18 months, plus shipping (available internationally). For a truly original calendar, I suggest taking photos of kittens in fishbowls, or the local firefighters dressed only in their helmets, with their axes hiding their choppers. Classy.

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