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Tascam iM2: Hi-Fi Stereo Mic for iPhone, iPad 20th Nov 2011

Tascam iM2: Hi-Fi Stereo Mic for iPhone, iPad

I wish I’d found out about this stereo iPhone mic yesterday. I was last-minute shopping for dictaphone for the Lady’s work, trying to find the cheapest MP3-recording model that wouldn’t suck. It was fine, but cost nearly $90. That’s $90 that could have been spent on this iM2 Stereo Microphone from Tascam, with money to spare.

The iM2 slots into the dock connector and presents itself as a USB audio device. It has its own analog-digital converter, and uses its own pre-amp, allowing it to handle sound up to 125dB without blowing out. This will let you record instruments and bootleg concerts. There is also a limiter to attenuate sudden loud noises.

The unit itself has a pair of mics that can be adjusted through 180 degrees and is powered by the iDevice itself (although there’s a USB port on the side so you can charge it while the iM2 is still attached). There’s also an input volume knob on the side for manual adjustments, and a free companion recording app (coming soon).

At $80, it costs the same a a decent entry level recorder, only you get better sound and you don’t need to bother with a whole other gadget in your pocket.

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