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Slimline Bluetooth Keyboard for Phones, Tablets 28th Nov 2011

Slimline Bluetooth Keyboard for Phones, Tablets

Love writing on your smartphone or tablet but hate always hitting the “m” or “n” buttons instead of the spacebar? Then perhaps you might like to consider an external keyboard instead. What’s that? Too big, you say? Well, slow down there, because I have just the thing for you.

It’s Verbatim’s new Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard, and it beats out Apple’s own slimline Bluetooth keyboard in several ways. First is the price: Verbatim’s offering costs $50 against Apple’s $70. Next, it comes with its own carrying case and USB charger — no swapping AAs here. It also has a set of function keys that control not only music playback but also lock the screen and allow you to copy, paste and undo.

Most important though, is the size. I use the aluminum Apple keyboard with my iPad, but I rarely take it out and about. It’s not heavy, but it can be too long to fit in a purse. The smaller Verbatim keyboard is much closer to the size of an iPad (although it’ll work with pretty much any Bluetooth phone or tablet). This is achieved by squishing the keys together, though, so actual typing might take on netbook-esque “qualities.”

Still, for quickly banging out a long e-mail or a short article, this might be just the thing. Available now in black or white.

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