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Kindle Concept Re-Design Loses Buttons, Adds Touch 18th Feb 2009

Kindle Concept Re-Design Loses Buttons, Adds Touch

The new Kindle is OK and all, and an improvement on the original, but Gregory Raiz’s version is way better. The concept design does away with the clutter that still plagues Amazon’s e-book reader and hides it all behind a touch screen.

We love it. The screen is bigger (taking up 80% of the fascia) and the button count is down to a Steve Jobs pleasing three — on/off, page forward and page back.


Blue Earth: Samsung’s Solar Phone Made from Water Bottles 15th Feb 2009

Blue Earth: Samsung’s Solar Phone Made from Water Bottles

Barcelona — Amid the megapixels madness of its camera-phone announcements, Samsung has shown us another vision of the future — the Blue Earth. The phone is an environmental champion, made from recycled water bottles and powered by a solar panel on the back.

And that’s about all we know. Like the Mona Lisa, the only handset at the Mobile World Congress show is behind glass (which is why we’ve used the official product shot), and Samsung is being not exactly cagey but a little thrifty with the details.


Qualcomm Promises One Wireless Card to Rule Them All 11th Feb 2009

Qualcomm Promises One Wireless Card to Rule Them All

High-bandwidth, wireless internet access may soon become as ubiquitous as cellular phone service — and as easy to connect to as Wi-Fi.

Qualcomm is readying the second generation of its universal wireless broadband platform, allowing users to connect to any telecom carrier worldwide with a single device.

The technology, called Gobi, has the potential to turn the cellular world into one big hotspot. While it is currently availabile in just notebooks targeted at road warriors, netbooks and smaller "mobile internet devices" are also likely to be swept up in this trend.


Cord Lock Flashlight Dangles Dongle From Jackets 9th Feb 2009

Cord Lock Flashlight Dangles Dongle From Jackets

LEDs are kind of like the integrated circuit of the flashlight world — they are so tiny that they can be squeezed into just about anything — you no longer need to worry about big incandescent bulbs or D-Cell batteries. The downside is that this kind of thinking leads us to all kinds of badly designed junk (I’m looking at you, USB thumb drives).

Fortunately, the folks at Sahalie are hawking a very useful LED lamp, a tiny glowing light built into a cord lock, the cord clamps found on jackets and bags of all kinds. The name you can probably guess.


Pioneer Televisions Go Dark 4th Feb 2009

Pioneer Televisions Go Dark

Pioneer’s television business has become the latest victim to the troubled economy. The consumer electronics company will stop making plasma and LCD TVs, according to a report in Japan’s Nikkei newspaper.

The move comes after the company said last year that it will stop manufacturing plasma TV panels and would instead source it from Matsushita, now a part of Panasonic.

Some keen eyes spotted the absence of LCD TVs at the Pioneer booth in the Consumer Electronics Show last month, which seems to indicate the decision may have been taken more than a few weeks ago.


Photoshop Magnets Turn Paper into Pretend Pixels 3rd Feb 2009

Photoshop Magnets Turn Paper into Pretend Pixels

This overpriced magnetic board from Meninos ships with a set of magnets based on the palettes and panels of Adobe Photoshop, allowing you to take photos and make them look just like they would on-screen — think of this as the opposite of an LCD photo frame, which takes pixels and makes them look like paper.


Ugobe Dinosaurs Battle for Survival 1st Feb 2009

Ugobe Dinosaurs Battle for Survival

Just about a year ago, the green, scaly, rubbery Pleo dinosaur became a robotic sensation. More life-like than the Furby and more fun than the Roomba, Pleo was seen as the first consumer robot that could evoke those warm, fuzzy feelings usually reserved for Fido or Fluffy.

But now Ugobe, the company behind the Pleo, is struggling to save itself from extinction as it tries to raise fresh funding and keep its pipeline of products alive.


Bike With a Roof Wins Commuter Design Contest 1st Feb 2009

Bike With a Roof Wins Commuter Design Contest

There’s probably no such thing as an actual commuter bike — the perfect model varies depending on your needs. editor Dylan Tweney has an old single speed beater that is so stripped down he can easily toss the thing onto the train. Boing Boing Gadgets’ John Brownlee has flip-down training wheels so he can safely return from beer soaked breakfasts in his Berlin barrio before starting work.

And Torkel Dohmens has designed his own lightweight, lidded recumbent with which to cut through traffic.