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Google Earth Coming to Mac OS X 10th Dec 2005

Google Earth Coming to Mac OS X

At long last, Mac users are getting a crack at Google Earth. MacUpdate posted a beta version of the OS X app for download last week, giving many users a sneak peak at the software. And while users’ response to the beta was overwhelmingly positive, it turns out the file on MacUpdate was never intended for public consumption, so it’s no longer available. Still, it’s nice to know the beta seems to be going so well.


Dell Cleans Up After Katrina 30th Nov 2005

Dell Cleans Up  After Katrina

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Dell is planning to help clean up the mess — at least the part of the mess that has to do with computers, anyway. This Saturday, the company will be collecting old computers destroyed by the hurricane so that they can be recycled. As anyone who’s ever tried to get rid of an ancient PC knows, system recycling is often ridiculously expensive and leaves many people with few options outside of illegally chucking their old clunker in a dumptster.


Xbox 360 Selling for More Than Three Grand on eBay 22nd Nov 2005

Xbox 360 Selling for More Than Three Grand on eBay

If you thought $699 was a lot to pay for a game console, you’re not alone. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of people out there who are willing to pay a whole lot more. A quick browse on eBay shows that tons of folks are laying out serious cash to get their hands on a 360, with some auctions surpassing the $3,000 mark.


Hitachi’s EMIEW Wants to Greet You 14th Nov 2005

Hitachi’s EMIEW Wants to Greet You

Meet EMIEW, the Excellent Mobility and Interactive Existence as Workmate robot from Hitachi. Sure, that may be one of the most oddly forced acronyms of all time, but the robot itself looks oddly cool. Using a self-balancing two-wheel system similar to that of the Segway for its Excellent Mobility, EMIEW can swing its weight around for quick direction changes and collision avoidance. He can also recognize sounds and voices, as well as physical movements. EMIEW is not expected to be available for purchase anytime soon, though perhaps one of his progeny may someday clean your living room.


You Call That Fast? 3rd Nov 2005

You Call That Fast?

Even as most American wireless carriers continue to lag on deploying EV-DO and UMTS high-speed data networks to their customers, NEC Japan is about to throw down some serious bandwidth. The company announced today that it’s getting ready to start delivering HSDPA wireless to commercial networks, with data speeds of 8 to 10Mbps.

In a field network trial with Vodafone K.K. in Japan, NEC apparently produced strong enough results with 3G handsets that it may soon be ready to take HSPDA to the streets, giving phone data consumers a level of performance previously reserved for Wi-Fi users.

According to Ryuichi Takanohashi, General Manager of NEC’s Mobile Solutions Operations Unit, “Delivery of our HSDPA to commercial networks worldwide will begin this autumn.


Who Says Treos Don’t Rock? 23rd Oct 2005

Who Says Treos Don’t Rock?

If you’ve been feeling like your Treo 650 is just a little too buttoned-down, cut it loose with a Music Dock. This tiny 2.1 subwoofer system acts as a sync and charging cradle for your Treo 650 while letting you crank up the noise a little. It also has a 3.5mm jack so you can connect it to other devices, such as MP3 players and stereos. But it’s hard to imagine why you’d want to use this little guy in lieu of other, more powerful speakers. Even so, if you’ve got a bunch of songs on your Treo, it might be nice for unwinding in your hotel room. It’s probably not exactly office-friendly, though.


Nokia’s New E Series Gets Practical 10th Oct 2005

Nokia’s New E Series Gets Practical

If you’re looking for outlandish handset designs, Nokia generally aims to please. But for the last few years, the company seems to have put more emphasis on building its phones into funky plastic cases than on making real progress in handset utility. Today that seems to be changing.

The new E series is focused squarely on business users and hard return on investment. Running Series 60 and Symbian OS v9.1, these phones create a uniform application environment across all three devices, making it easier to standardize usability for business without forcing everyone in your company to carry the same phone.

The simplest of these, the candybar E60, is a basic Nokia design with PTT features, while the E61 is clearly a BlackBerry killer.


Oh! A Qool New Smart Phone 25th Sep 2005

Oh! A Qool New Smart Phone

Today at CTIA, Singapore-based Qool announced Oh!, a new and bizarrely named smart phone. With a 266MHz Freescale processor and a 1.3-megapixel camera, the Oh! looks like a compelling multimedia handset. Sadly, however, its Windows Mobile 2003 OS is looking pretty outdated compared to other announcements coming out of CTIA this year.

The Oh! will start shipping before the end of this year, but there are no details yet on which carriers will offer it.


Meet Your New Butler and/or Future Master 11th Sep 2005

Meet Your New Butler and/or Future Master

If you’ve always wanted your own in-home manservant but just can’t stand being around other people all the time, Fujitsu’s got you covered. Meet Enon the robot butler.

Standing 4 feet, 3 inches tall, Enon is a self-propelled serving machine built to make life easier for us humans as we wait for our robot overlords to gather their forces. Capable of self-charging its nickel metal-hydride battery though safe, non-contact induction, Enon can run pretty much 24 hours a day, patrolling your home for intruders moving small objects around your living room. Enon is no C3PO, but it’s perfectly capable of escorting your guests from the front door to the swimming pool, so long as it doesn’t have to taverse any stairs along the way.

While the robot’s basic functions are limited to only the simplest of tasks, it looks like a great second step (building on the groundwork laid by Sony’s robot dog, Aibo) on the road to household robotics.